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Annual Fall Clean Up on “The Boulevard”, Atlanta, GA!

Atlanta City Councilman, Kwanza Hall, had declared 2012 the “Year of Boulevard.” Pronouncing that the historic Boulevard NE in Atlanta, GA will be turned around for the better. Ever since, the hard work and dedication of all involved improved and is continuously improving many aspects of the neighborhood including crime prevention, job training, education reform, economic development and summer youth programs.

Last Saturday, October 12th, Yo Boulevard! hosted the annual Fall Community Clean Up on Boulevard NE in Atlanta, GA. Wingate sponsored the clean up along with many other organizations and companies. The turn out was a huge success; and with many helpful volunteers, the Boulevard has never looked better!

The volunteers met at the Fort Street Memorial United Methodist Church for breakfast, coffee and t-shirts, and headed out to preserve the beauty of Atlanta’s city streets.

Please see below for pictures from the annual Clean Up on Boulevard NE!

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